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Happy Holidays!

We adore this time of year! Not only does our workload slow a bit but also we get to spend time with the ones we love! Today we have shared a few of our most treasured Christmas traditions. Enjoy! 1. Backgammon is sure to please but we think this Driftwood version by Oomph is the perfect addition to a coastal Christmas! 2. Snuggle up for a long winter's nap with this Cotton Herringbone Throw by Brahms Mount. So many colors to choose from...we are fond of the eggplant. 3. COOKIES! These Roly Poly Santa's were featured in Better Homes and Gardens this month. They may be too cute to eat;) 4. Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie, enough said. 5. Immerse yourself into a great book this season. Our pick, "Divergent" by Victoria Roth. 6. Game time! A perfect way to let go of this year's stress, "Pit" a flash card game, encourages the players to scream out in exchange for commodities such as wheat and barley. Brings us back to our country roots! 7. We all know the importance of looking our best in the age of social media and this Nikon Coolpix Camera is wonderful for capturing those special moments. 8. The snack that's perfect for anytime of the day, Dean and Deluca Popcorn Tin in Carmel Chipolte, Aged White Cheddar and Kettle Corn 9. Get the card table ready as this puzzle is sure to entertain for hours, 1000 Piece Panoramic Puzzle from Barnes and Noble.

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