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Regina Garcia Design Studio Paint


As a company, Regina Garcia Design wanted to find a paint product that was both high in quality and environmentally friendly. The desire to find such a product became even greater when Regina Garcia began developing health issues due to off gases from traditional paint during business expansion.

Working with a local manufacturer, Regina Garcia Design has now launched a small sampling of her eco-friendly paint collection. These paint products contain zero-to-no volatile compounds and are food safe.


Traditional oil based paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and toluene which emit toxic fumes and gases that can last up to five years after painting. These compounds vaporize into the air causing pollution, breathing problems, headache, cancer, kidney and liver damage.


Regina Garcia Design Studio’s sustainable paints are water-based and zero-VOC or low-VOC with no-VOC tints. Some paints are Ecolabel certified and their low to no odor means you can paint a room and sleep there the same night without fear of breathing dangerous fumes. Please email us for additional information!



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