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Regina S. Garcia - Principal Designer


A graduate of Colorado Institute of Art, Regina's interior design career began in Denver, Colorado. With a passion for historic architecture combined with the beauty of the Lowcountry, she started her interior design firm in Charleston in 2002.
Regina approaches each project with the individuality that truly represents everything that she is as a designer with the reflection of her client’s style. As a certified kitchen designer, an apprentice to a molding architect as well as an apprentice to a local architect specializing in building systems, Regina encompasses the entire design process from conceptual to completion.
Regina's designs have been showcased in over 34 national publications as well as numerous local publications. One of her favorite historic preservation projects was featured on HGTV's “Bang for Your Buck” and was selected as the best value renovation. Without the support of Regina's skilled team members and wonderful local artisans, her portfolio would not be what it is today. Never will she forget her humble beginnings and she is forever grateful for the gift she has been given to create beautiful spaces. 

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