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Naturally Inspired Nursery

This coral and sea foam nursery is oh so chic and eco-friendly! The Kalon Studios Caravan Crib and Dresser are made in the USA from domestic maple and applied with 100% non-toxic finishes. In addition to the crib's great modern design, it adheres to the highest safety standards while providing the functionality of an adjustable mattress height and toddler bed conversion! The Malibu pendant is made locally in Charleston, SC by Ro Sham Beaux and features Coke Bottle Glass, Jute and Antique Brass detail (see previous post). Their light fixtures are customizable with your choice of beads, shades, finishes and sizes. While visiting the Atlanta market, we were drawn into the Pheromone by Christopher Marley showroom with his clusters of framed beetles, fossils, shells and butterflies. The artist preserves once-living organisms and displays them in simple frames to create beautiful pieces. Pictured above are the Keyhole Sand Dollar, Pastel Urchins and Achromic Starfish. To complement the Little Piggy Rocker by Land Of Nod, we chose our zero-VOC paint from the "Little Puffins" Collection in N'Cream. The sea foam rug my Mastour Galleries while stylish in a silk and wool blend will also be soft on the little feet!

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